> Established in 1983, Falcon Travels has become a favorite for many travelers because of its excellent and personalized services. From the paying attention to details of planning, organizing, and traveling, Falcon Travels took their passion and developed a career in making sure everyone's travel is not just time off, but a worthy experience.

> An IATA approved Nigerian travel agency; we provide efficient and timely travel service within and without the country at the best competitive prices. As a long-term member of IATA, we comply with strict principles of professional conduct and ethics.

> We are ideally suited to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency in managing your travel, meetings, and incentives. Falcon Travels is client-driven. Our business philosophy includes listening to our customers and integrating their ideas into our future growth plans.

> Our utmost goal is to provide efficient, effective and timely service to all our customers without ripping a gaping hole in their purse. We achieve this by assisting our clients in planning their trip and obtaining best value with the best prices in the industry.

> With headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, we provide clients with the best of both worlds: the personalized service of a small agency combined with the negotiating power of a mega- agency heavyweight. We guarantee the usage of our full range of knowledge and abilities to ensure that clients receive the best travel management program available.

Our Mission & Vision